Water as a source of life is one of the main factors of growth and development in human societies as well as the distribution of plant species on the earth surface.
On the other hand, the farming sector, which is the main supplier of food, this vital need in the world is completely dependent on water resources, so that the highest amount of water consumption in the world (about 75%) is allocated to the agricultural and farming sectors, which accounts in the developing countries for more than 95%.
Iran is one of the arid and semi-arid regions of the world. Rainfall in Iran is about one third of the average rainfall in the world. Deserts occupy a major part of the country and despite all the existing restrictions, the rapid increase in the country’s population and the need for agricultural products on the one hand and the sharp and continuous decline of groundwater aquifers and insufficient control of surface water on the other hand, led to optimal use from primary sources to be on the agenda.
According to climatic statistics and information and studies conducted in Iran, it can be said that water is the rarest factor in agricultural production and the development of the agricultural sector is directly related to the quantity and quality of water resources and how to manage and use these resources.
Therefore, the use of irrigation systems to save water consumption and increase efficiency and productivity, has received more attention.
In this regard, “Kooshan Etesal Company”, while establishing quality management, has produced irrigation-water supply fittings, drip irrigation equipment and etc. Which these products can be used in the following fields:
Urban-rural water supply
Drip irrigation of plants and trees
Irrigation of agricultural land and green space
Irrigation and watering of cultivated fields
Greenhouse irrigation

These products fall into five categories:

Screw connections
Belt clamps (branch)
Welded polyethylene fittings
Drip irrigation equipment
Polymer cores

They are divided from 16 mm to 250 mm, which the company is ready to cooperate with water and sewage organizations across the country and agencies and sellers inside and outside the country.

Introduction Of Kooshan Etesal Company

Kushan Etesal Production Unit is one of the oldest production units for irrigation and water supply fittings in the country. This company was established in 1985 with the aim of producing various types of polyethylene pipe fittings, required for industrial, agricultural and urban irrigation and water supply. The company has always been using the highest and latest technology in the world in the field of production and laboratory devices and equipment and has been in close contact with the standard organization and urban and rural water and sewage organizations and sellers across the country. Kooshan Etesal’s Production Group has been able to meet the needs of dear customers with continuous and planned development, by using technical and experienced personnel, and finally with experienced and intelligent management. The products of this company can be mainly used for irrigation-water supply networks in agriculture, urban, rural, pressurized irrigation (drip, sprinkler) and urban, rural, industrial and domestic sewage systems. The products of this company are produced according to the customer’s needs and with great accuracy, and the quality control unit of the company continuously monitors the quality of the products. Kooshan Industrial Group now with more than 15,000 square meters of production complex in one of the largest industrial towns in the country, located in Isfahan province with the most accurate plastic injection machines in various forms, due to the rapid progress of science and technology in the world and in line with the goals of the National Standard organization of Iran, based on the production of high quality pipes and fittings and competitive with the products of other countries, established a quality control laboratory equipped with the most modern and up to date laboratory systems and devices and by attracting experts with high technical and experienced knowledge.

Introducing fittings of Kushan Etesal Company

Polyethylene fittings have different kinds, each fitting is applied in its own specific field. This diversity enables the piping system to perform and operate truly easily and efficiently. These fittings, particularly polyethylene screw fitting is employed in drop irrigation and sprinkler irrigation piping systems and also for urban water supply piping. Polyethylene pipes and fittings have proper durability, and they have also high resistance to corrosion and moisture, accordingly, these pipes, and fittings have been employed highly in the industry. Polyethylene screw fittings are applied in projects with a size of less than 125 mm. Polyethylene fittings are classified into three general types of extruded, screw, and compression. Polyethylene screw fittings are utilized in small projects with low-size pipelines. Although extruded fittings are more affordable and more cost-effective, it is not cost-effective to transport or rent a polyethylene welding machine and hire skilled labor to work with it in small projects. Accordingly, polyethylene screw fittings are applied in most projects. It is additionally impossible to use these fittings in large sizes because of the way they are connected to the polyethylene pipe.

Properties of Kushan Etesal polyethylene fittings

The capacity to connect easily and apply them repeatedly is one of the most significant properties of polyethylene fittings, which perform better compared to welding types, it is possible to reopen these fittings after installation and applied elsewhere. Polyethylene fittings or the polyethylene thread are well-sealed and it is possible to apply these fittings in different conditions that there is no possibility to weld and install using welding apparatus, therefore, size restrictions are the only obstacle to use these fittings. It is possible to observe polyethylene screw fittings in different types of Elbows, tee port, various types of polyethylene Saddle Single out Late, caps, and other branches that each type has several sizes of the same product.


These fittings include the following cases:

  • Female Coupling
  • Male Coupling
  • Flange Coupling
  • Polyethylene coupling
  • Polyethylene reducing
  • 90 Tee
  • 90 Elbow
  • Female knee
  • 90 Elbow with threaded male (pp)
  • 90 Tee with Treaded Female Offtake (pp)
  • 90 Tee with Treaded male Offtake (pp)
  • End Plug
  • Reduced tee
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